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Dog stories, Sled dogs, Arctic adventure, Dog-sled races, Classic adventure, Dog odyssey, Survival tales

ULYSSES - Comin' Home
The Story of a Dog’s Impossible Odyssey to be Reunited with the Family He Loves
by Simon Christopher Dew

The greatest sled dog the North has ever known is about to compete in the richest race the world has ever known. Two minutes before the start, ULYSSES vanishes into the minus 30-degree night. Taken by the cruel polymath, MAX PFISTER, he is transported 2,500 miles away to California for medical research, and to be delivered to the sinister international art dealer who secretly collects and sells animals of exceptional value. ULYSSES escapes, and begins his impossible odyssey to be reunited with his family in the North while being pursued by Max Pfister whose own life depends on recapturing his prey.

This classic story of survival and love, and of ULYSSES outsmarting adversaries and enduring the cruelty of nature, is told with contemporary energy and style. As diverse as it is wide-sweeping, it includes ULYSSES’S fight to the death with an Alpha wolf, his unexpected friendship with a feisty teenage runaway, surviving endless miles of dangerous and strange lands on both sides of the 49th parallel - and avoiding the art dealer’s assassin.

“ULYSSES – Comin’ Home” is a classic adventure of survival and love between a dog and his family. It is an inspiring story for anyone who has ever had a dog in their life, loved a dog, or lost a dog.

Simon Christopher Dew - Executive Producer of the television series The Littlest Hobo and screenplay writer living in Toronto.


Simon Christopher Dew

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