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  • A Pocketful of Starlight


    A Pocketful of Starlight is a collection of twenty-three vignettes of the human condition, beautifully supported by the magical water-colours of Denise Williams. Some are wrapped in the genre of fairy tale, and the trappings of times past; some ...

  • The Rewind Project


    It’s 1999 and Harry Jackson has hit rock bottom. He dropped out of high school at seventeen to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Linda. Fifteen years later, he’s an alcoholic and a pot head who ignores his lonely mother and would rather spend time at ...

  • Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country


    Alive with the wild sparkling of snow-covered trees, visited by ephemeral moose, and crackling with the fire of northern spirit, Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country is an electrifying and truly Canadian debut. Echoing with the wonder of the vast ...

  • Where Men Stand Tall


    This story is incredible. It describes the life style and working conditions Ed van Zeeland finds himself in, in a remote logging camp. He alternately is a tree planter, compass man, timber cruiser and road lay out man, and this thrilling, ...

  • Jackie 'Darling'


    When it comes to black gold in Oil Springs and Petrolia, Jack has seen it all. So, when the opportunity affords itself to share his tale of fortune and fame … sorry, his role in the mid-1800's discovery of oil in Canada and the subsequent black gold ...

  • Bela Joe


    La vera Bela 'Joe' ( Ĝo ) estis mezgranda, bruna kaj miksrasa hundo. Li estis origine posedata de viraĉo de la urbo Meaford, en Ontario, Kanado, kiu kruele misuzis lin kaj eĉ fortranĉis liajn orelojn kaj voston. Walter Moore savis la hundon en 1890 ...

  • A Seven Year Ache


    Rosie Kelvey is a spirited and willful prairie woman of the early twentieth century whose ache to pursue her own desires goes against the harsh and limiting moral landscape of her time. She has what the neighbours teasingly call “two men on her ...

  • ULYSSES - Comin' Home

    The Story of a Dog’s Impossible Odyssey to be Reunited with the Family He Loves by

    The greatest sled dog the North has ever known is about to compete in the richest race the world has ever known. Two minutes before the start, ULYSSES vanishes into the minus 30-degree night. Taken by the cruel polymath, MAX PFISTER, he is ...