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superhero, imagination, child hero, helping others, dreams versus reality, kid power, girl superhero

No More Scaredy Cats
by Susan Williams

In a world where every child runs into problems now and then, it's nice to know that they can rely on their very own superhero—themselves!

One Saturday morning, Dora wakes up to find that everything is going wrong. There’s no pancake mix to make her favourite breakfast, and it’s started to rain outside. Dora makes the most of her day and settles into her cozy closet hideout—a place filled with her favorite things. When she falls asleep reading a superhero book, she has all kinds of adventures. A lost kitten stuck in a tree, friendly magpies, and of course superhero capes! But is her dream only a dream?

No More Scaredy Cats is sure to warm your heart, and remind you that even children need their own little superheroes.

Susan Williams likes to imagine, and just like Dora, she’s always thinking of things that would be incredibly cool…if only they were possible. Williams has been wanting to write a children's book as long as she can remember, and No More Scaredy Cats is the result of that dream.

Williams lives with her partner of 11 years in Edmonton, Alberta. Their beloved dog Pepsi passed away at the age of 16.


Susan Williams

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