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Poetry collection, Love poems, Nature poems, Gratitude, Reflection, Canadian poet, Food for thought

Expressions from Wonderland
by Orlando Beckford

Expressions from Wonderland is comprised of a marvelous body of poetry that mainly focuses on the various angles of love. That's not all. This collection elaborates on the elements of inspiration, elevation of the mind, the magic of nature and playful activities to make you smile. Inspired by life's journey and observing the activities of mankind, these compositions will boost your thoughts in family, romantic, general and self love.

You're invited on this journey to explore and expand on new and familiar topics. Allow your mind to think deeper and view things from a different perspective. Relax and enjoy as the author seeks to guide, inform, comfort and entertain you through these words.

Orlando Beckford has been writing poems for many years. At first, it was just a hobby and as the years went by the numbers increased. Sometimes he would submit a composition to an international poetry competition. He also competed in poetry competitions at former places of employment.

Occassionally, he read the poems to his family, friends and associates, who encouraged him to publish a book. He took their advice and published his first book.

Expressions of Wonderland's main purpose is to look at life's journey from a variety of view points. It explores different types of love. There are words of inspiration, verses of appreciation and thoughts for exploration. It is intended that these sayings will touch emotions and bring forth positive vibrations.

He continues to write poems and pursue other genres of writing while taking courses in those areas.


Orlando Beckford

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