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Mythical creatures, Magical transformation, coming of age, angels and demons, Magical powers, Superpowers, teenage protagonists

The Sacred Summer
by Catrina Rose

Abby's fourteenth birthday is fast approaching and the family is planning to celebrate it with a magnificent party, hinting at some exciting change about to happen to her. Little does she know that everything is about to change; turning fourteen will give her powers she never dreamed of and draw her into an eons-long fight to save humanity and the earth.

Catrina Rose is a grateful mother and partner, and a survivor of pharmaceutical injury. Through her storytelling, Catrina brings awareness of controversial health topics to young people. It is Catrina's hope that you will question everything you're told and do your own research. She lives by two catch-phrases: Knowledge is Power & Health is Wealth. But most importantly, Catrina reminds you to HOPE: Hold On, Pain Ends.


Catrina Rose

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