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  • The Sacred Summer


    Abby's fourteenth birthday is fast approaching and the family is planning to celebrate it with a magnificent party, hinting at some exciting change about to happen to her. Little does she know that everything is about to change; turning fourteen ...

  • Dagger of Urachadh

    Attack from the Underworld by

    “Take me far, far away, Faster than a wink of an eye I pray, To the land where the Darach roam, To the land of the magical stones, To the Peoples of the mountain, Forest, bog, hill, and river, Great Everything bring me thither.” A young ...

  • The Wandalyns


    Abandoned with her estranged grandmother for the entire summer, Dawn feels as though she has just been handed a life sentence. But the magic and mystery alive in the forest, surrounding her grandmother’s cabin, soon sends the teenage girl on an ...