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Mother, Aging, Words, Tales, Letters, Contemporary, Literary fiction

The Old Lady Who Wrote Stories For Her Son
by P.R. Hernon

The Old Lady Who Wrote Stories For Her Son is a book of clever and intriguing flash fiction and short stories about connections—between words, ideas, and people.

When a young man named Jake finds two boxes of envelopes in an otherwise empty apartment that he is cleaning out in an assisted living complex, his life is forever impacted. Some of the envelopes in the boxes contain a series of random words, and the other envelopes hold stories created from them. With a little digging, Jake learns that the series of words were sent to the sick, elderly, and now deceased former resident of the apartment from her disabled adult son, who was unable to visit her. Hoping to keep his mother’s mind active, he challenged her to knit the words into stories that she could share back with him.

Some of these stories are about people reaching across space, generations, and even from beyond the grave to change others’ lives. Sometimes these changes are good; other times they are deadly. Some of the stories are about losing people; others are about finding them. But most importantly, as a collection, the stories move Jake to make his own connections.

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Could you write a story woven around five or six random words? This was the challenge that members of P.R. Hernon’s writing group gave themselves at each of their meetings. The results of this challenge are the delightful and diverse pieces of fiction in this collection. The seeds of many of her stories came from what she has seen and done in her own lifetime: situations (both good and bad) evolve from ignorance, kindness, charity, and life's conundrums.

Hernon is a retired teacher and proud octogenarian, who lives in Victoria, B.C. She holds a Bachelor of Secondary Education and a Diploma of Applied Linguistics from the University of Victoria and has raised four children and travelled extensively—especially in Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. Hernon is also a poet and published A Community of Old Bones, a collection of poems about aging, in 2016.


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