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career development, workplace skills, finding a job, creating a resume, building job qualifications, negotiating job offers, job interview strategies

The Pie, The Penny & The Pyramid
A Guide to Entering the 21st Century Workforce
by Gary Houston

Starting into the workforce doesn’t have to be hard. There are a lot of great people, great jobs and great careers waiting for your help. The Pie, The Penny & The Pyramid walks through preparing yourself for your first jobs, your career and living a good life.

Whether you have your first degree getting ready for your career, or you are leaving high school and ready to rock the workplace, the Pie will introduce you to some memorable characters who will help you start Golden, use the right thinking, and know where you are on your Pyramid.

The workplace needs your help.

It’s time to sit down, buckle up and move forward.

“The Pie, The Penny & The Pyramid is a MUST READ!”

—Bill G. Williams Author of Electric

Life, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach,

Toronto, ON

“Gary Houston’s The Pie, The Penny & The Pyramid is a timely, smart and much-needed roadmap for young people to demystify the workplace and take the onramp to success in life.”

—Russ Snyder, Executive Director,

California Asphalt Pavement Association,

Sacramento CA

“The truly great educators seek to meet their students at their level, and then help them elevate to a higher level. That is exactly what Gary does in his new book… Apply it, and you will be better and more successful sooner.”

—Brian Majeska, President/CEO,

Adventus Materials, Charleston, SC

“An engagingly readable life guide… A blueprint for helping young

people build skills for the modern workplace and for everyday life.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“There is no doubt that The Pie, The Penny & The Pyramid will provide

an effective guide for students and others to enter the workforce… I

did not want to put the book down. I would recommend this book for

high school students because it will guide them on a path to contribute

significantly to any organization in which they seek employment.”

—Vivet Beckford-Nelson, Engineering Academy Lead Teacher,

Vallejo High School (Vallejo Teacher of the Year 2020, Vallejo, CA)

Gary Houston is the Founder of the Center for Workforce Entry. He has used his engineering degree and his MBA to hire and mentor young people for over thirty years. He lives in Davis, CA with his wife Sallie, their two youngest children and Dogface.


Gary Houston
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