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Adoption, Foreign adoption, Infertility, Adopting from overseas, Adoption red tape, Ukrainian adoption, Private adoption.

The Pocket Adoption Coach
Wisdom for life shared through heartening personal account
by Michele Hengen

The Pocket Adoption Coach is a woman’s personal tale of becoming a mother. With candour and heart, Michele Hengen invites us along on the journey of highs and lows that tracked her family’s evolution from aching couple to five-person glory, courtesy of an adoption of a little girl from Ukraine and a double adoption from a Canadian twin pregnancy.

At numerous points along the way, the author was told that their plans could not be realized. But by developing a clear vision and keeping it in sight, she and her husband were at last able to realize their goal. Here, she shares the life lessons she picked up along the way, lessons that transcend the particulars of their adoptions and are applicable to anyone setting out along this rewarding—and often bewildering—path.

For the brief time she was pregnant, Michele Hengen took a lot of comfort from the abundance of books available to guide and comfort pregnant women. After her miscarriage and the launch of their adoption pursuit, she looked for a similar book for this revised course of action. But the only books she found to support someone going through the adoption process were in the legal section.

She decided to write the book she needed herself.

A trained professional coach, Michele lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, with her husband and twin boys, who are studying and playing basketball at university, and their dog, Chloe. Their daughter lives nearby in Saskatoon and works in the field of early childhood education.


Michele Hengen

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