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true crime, Canadian crime, drug dealing, illegal drugs, drug gangs, drug trafficking, drug trade

The Long Way Home
by Justin Sand

When James decides to go after his sister who had mysteriously disappeared from a good foster home, he enters a world that he could only grasp through the movies he had seen. The long way home is a book about one young man’s journey through the depths of Canadian Organized Crime. James moves from a small city on Vancouver Island to Hamilton, Ontario into the home of one of the most notorious gangsters in Canadian History. The story follows James as he comes to know and change into the surroundings he has discovered. A metamorphosis takes place and James is transformed into all things he has always hated to survive. The long way home is a story about loyalty and family. How far are you willing to go for the ones you love? How far would they be willing to go for you?

Justin Sand is a Canadian Writer who lives and thrives in Victoria B.C. He holds degrees in both Philosophy and Sociology from the University of Victoria. This is Justin Sand’s second novel. His first novel was The Enhancer.


Justin Sand

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