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Sir Ben of Sweetgrass Farm
by Jan Strokappe

Ben is a young, farm boy who meets some very strange friends in the family's barn which is supposed to be empty. Ben is fascinated by armor and knights. These very unusual animals help Ben get his father's farm back. Some bullies learn you do not mess around with Ben and his friends.

Sir Ben of Sweetgrass is a fantasy book. for kids about 8 to 12. The book is set on a farm. They are determined to get their father's farm back. The book shows if you work together you can do anything. The book is mainly about an unusual group of friends. The main event is getting the oldest person in the family out of trouble. When you try and do something dishonest, you are usually the one that gets in trouble.

Jan Strokappe photo

Jan wanted to be a veterinarian since she was four years old and tried to get the neighbour's cat to come into their yard. Jan's Dad raised Budgies and her first pet was Joey a blue budgie. Her Dad took her to a bird show and she still has a little brooch of a budgie that her Dad bought her.

The last animal Jan remembers before coming to Canada was a large whale that had washed up on Brighton Beach. The whale was so large that a man was standing up in the dead whale's mouth.


Jan Strokappe
Bijan Samaddar

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