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Self-help, Personal transformation, Self-transformation, Transformative learning, Mono-myth theory, Personal growth, Overcoming personal challenges

Heroic Choices
Break Through Fear, Realize Your Dreams and Transform Your Life
by Paula Kent

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a magic wand you could wave to transform your life? Do you yearn for personal growth, but find your demons always keep you from taking the first step? Personal change is possible for anyone who dares to embark on the journey toward their dreams.

Join author Paula Kent as she guides you on your journey toward self-transformation. Inspired by her own personal growth after taking on a dramatic, mid-life career change, Kent draws on an eclectic variety of sources to develop a unique theory of personal growth and breathing life into overly dry, academic theories. Taking inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s theory of the “mono-myth,” or the “hero’s journey,” and Jack Mezirow’s theory of “transformative learning,” Kent reflects on her own encounter with personal upheaval, as well as those of other women she’s surveyed. In the process, she draws on familiar stories, from Star Wars to A Christmas Carol, to ground the journey of overcoming your fears and realizing your potential.

Heroic Choices is the essential navigational tool needed to guide you forward as you face down the long, winding path of personal growth. Regardless of your age or circumstance, you hold the power to alter your trajectory, and Kent can show you how to take the first step.

"Paula is one of those rare writers, who breaks down the complexities of personal change enabling real people in real situations to achieve their dreams."

—Diane Rolston an award winning leadership coach and speaker.

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Paula Kent is a researcher, writer, and lifelong learner, fueled by endless curiosity. At the age of fifty-three, Kent discovered her passion for research and writing after leaving a relatively conventional career in retail banking to leap blindly into the world of academia. Her time working on her Master of Arts degree at Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C. saw her graduate research project nominated for the prestigious 2020 Governor General’s Gold Medal Award. This experience sparked her desire to breathe life into abstract academic theories. Moreover, her curiosity about how storytelling, travel, and transformational events enrich and influence our lives inspired her to further study.

Kent lives in Mission, B.C. with her husband, the youngest of their four children, and their two dogs, Kipling and Winston. You can learn more about her writing projects and her blog RebelleSoul from her website; When she’s not writing, she can be found with her family, hiking, camping, and kayaking. This is her first book.


Paula Kent

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