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Planet colonization, Infertility, Pioneering, Space travel, Building a family, Teamwork, Other worlds

Catria's Cohort
by Doug Harris

Have you ever thought about future space travel? What restrictions would be placed on passengers and crew? What would everyday life be like aboard ship for generations, with little chance of finding a suitable planet to call home? Would we adapt to the situation or go crazy trying to cope?

We are an amazing species and have overcome life's obstacles before, and I believe that we could do so again. I applaud those men and women who have journeyed in space capsules to go to the moon or to build a space station. It is difficult to imagine being sealed in a canister where the very air you breathe and the food that you eat is limited to what you bring with you, and yet, people have done it, and survived.

This book paints a realistic picture of life aboard such a ship and some of the problems the passengers face.

I have been reading Science Fiction since I was a teen-age boy. I have lived through a trip to the moon and sending robots to Mars. Now there is speculation about sending men and women to Mars. With the billions of people on Earth and increasing every day, I wonder when the tipping point will be reached and the resources of our planet won't support any more people. Will we be forced to look for other worlds to colonize? I believe that we will, sooner or later. Thinking about such things has led me to write this little tale about a possible future for a group of adventurous humans.


Doug Harris

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