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It's About Time
by Frances Schepp Ruh

Friendships last a lifetime in It’s About Time, and each begins and ends with stories—stories ranging from the daily struggles of child rearing and marital strife to an unresolved, forbidden love, and the loneliness of widowhood. It’s About Time snapshots the stories of four very different women over three subsequent decades as the lives of Phoebe, Abagail, Hannah, and Tammy interlace through periods of joy and seasons of strife.

Beginning in the nineteen-sixties, each member of the Bridge Club narrates her experiences, hopes, fears, and secrets as world events, technology, and the actions of others change their lives. As time passes, they support each other as they raise their families, educate their children, deal with financial crises, explore new generations and romantic relationships, as well as face the difficulties of retirement and the loss of their spouses.

The enduring relationships of women are powerfully strong through transition and redemption. But can these friendships weather any storm? Will the Bridge Club survive the stresses of bank fraud, affairs, illness, and aging?

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Frances Schepp Ruh, like the characters in It’s About Time, was fortunate to join a Bridge Club made up of other young wives and mothers that survived over half a century experiencing life and bonding together to create the inspiration for this entirely fictional yet historical novel.

After retiring from a twenty-five-year career in commercial real estate, Fran Ruh turned to writing and published The Schepp Family Chronicles, a highly researched history of pioneer life in Kansas. She and her husband, Ron, and their fluffy dog, Misty, live in the Midwest. They enjoy spending time at their original family home, a cattle ranch on Deep Creek in the rugged Flint Hills of Kansas.

In It’s About Time Fran continues her theme of transition and redemption found in her other novels. Fran can be reached directly at


Frances Schepp Ruh

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