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Curly hair, fairies, magic, self-acceptance, compassion, gratitude, friendship

The Adventures of Lucy-Loo and Roo
... and the Magic of the Gratitude Stick!
by Dr. Stacey Scott and Kyra Scott

Lucy-Loo was born with a special gift: wild and gorgeous curly hair that no one else has.

But Lucy doesn’t see it that way. Everyone Lucy knows has straight, silky hair, and Lucy is the odd one out. No matter how hard Lucy tries to tame her wild curls, they always bounce out of place, never looking the way she wants. Everyone teases her about her uncontrollable hair, but all Lucy wants is to fit in.

When Lucy, her best friend Tallulah, and Roo go out one day, they stumble upon a magical dragonfly that leads them deep into the woods. Little do they know, Lucy is on a journey to learn an important lesson about the power and magic of gratitude.

The forest Fairies are waiting, eager to show Lucy that what she thinks are flaws are actually cherished qualities that make her unique. Through the power of gratitude, she learns that anything is possible!

Dr. Scott is a Chiropractic Sports Specialist and has built her own multidisciplinary wellness clinic located on Vancouver Island. Her daughter, Kyra, has a background in counselling specializing in substance abuse and addiction. She is currently working as a mental health support worker and a business entrepreneur. They believe in embracing the past and using the journey to recognize inner strength, beauty, and empowerment. They also recognize this is truly something to be grateful for.

This mother and daughter team have brought together their individual experiences and challenges to promote wellness through gratitude and positivity, no matter the curve balls life throws their way.

Visit their Website at: to learn more about Lucy-Loo, Roo, their family, their friends; and of course, the Fairies! And while you’re there, be sure to check out their Gratitude Sticks™ so, you can be just like Lucy-Loo and Roo.


Dr. Stacey Scott
Kyra Scott

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