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transformation, social change, philosophy, cure for mental illness, life after death, surviving, problem relationships

Quantum Awareness
We Are Not Human Beings!
by Noel J-G Proulx

Quantum Awareness is living by the Supra-Conciousness Philosophy. The Spirit within is empowered to be the decision-maker to control the well-being of the body and mind efficiently. Relieve stress by developing a greater awareness of the self. If we are willing to expand our knowledge and perception, the transformation from human to Spirit being improves our way of life.

Key Themes:

• We are Spirit beings having a human experience.

• We improve our quality of life by accessing appropriate tools to make correct choices.

• We can put an end to recreating the past in our future.

• We develop control of our body and mind.

• We have good and evil Spirits within and among us.

• We learn to create a Heaven on Earth to benefit all future generations.

With the process of knowing ourselves to a greater value, the creation of better outcomes is apparent with our communal collaboration. Only then can the word ‘humane’ be implemented as priority into every existing system.

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I was born into a poor family, but well cared for. My 44 year welding career includes 32 years with the Brotherhood of Boilermakers. I have recently relocated from Montreal to Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada.

My three death experiences and more than 150 traumatic events have directed me to share my knowledge.

My retirement will be spent helping people help themselves. My website is

I am presently developing Global Quantum Awareness Inc.

A YouTube channel called “The No "el" Pro XLU Show” is also in the works. This forum will discuss solutions to all problems.


Noel J-G Proulx

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