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Workplace bullying, Workplace harassment, DARVO, Organizational culture, Leadership, Workplace toxicity, Progressive discipline

Workplace Bullying
The Pandemic Within
by Shelley Boulet

Workplace Bullying: The Pandemic Within addresses the need for businesses, organizations, and leaders to better understand the core elements of workplace harassment and bullying. Workplace bullying and harassment affect not only those targeted, but also the organization as a whole. Leadership and organizational culture can play key roles in the identification and prevention of these insidious problems.

Designed to provide clear, concise information for those in leadership positions, Workplace Bullying addresses the core elements of workplace harassment and bullying, including:

• How to identify and address signs of workplace harassment and bullying

• Leadership styles and how these can contribute to a culture of harassment and bullying

• Defining elements of respectful workplace policies and how to enforce them

• Constructive dismissal, proper use of progressive discipline, and elements of proper workplace investigations

Are you experiencing workplace harassment and bullying yourself? Dealing with employees who are harassing and bullying other employees? Wanting to ensure that your workplace is as healthy as it can be? Workplace Bullying assists business leaders with all three, while building a solid educational foundation from which to create a healthy, respectful workplace.

"The informative business guide Workplace Bullying is powerful as it exposes a growing problem in workplaces; it illuminates means of preventing and dealing with bullying, too.

Shelley Boulet’s helpful business book Workplace Bullying diagnoses, and recommends treatments for, “the pandemic within”: abusive behavior at work.

This guidebook identifies types of workplace bullying, outlines the extent of the issue in the professional world, and provides guidance on how to maintain a supportive work environment where all are welcome. It itemizes actions, comments, and signs of harmful conduct that managers and colleagues are sometimes not aware constitutes abuse. It also relates the real human costs of harassment, including self-harm and suicide. Its broad, thematic sections make it useful as a reference, as does the concision of its subsections."

- Foreword Clarion Review

Shelley Boulet has experienced the insidiousness of workplace bullying firsthand. After dealing with the shock and dismay that results from such bullying, she endeavoured to learn about and understand workplace bullying and harassment.

Boulet holds certificates in Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) through the Canadian Payroll Association and Human Resources and Labour Relations (UCHRLR) from Athabasca University . She is currently working towards a Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration (CMMA) through the University of Manitoba. As well, she has completed courses in Mediation and the Anatomy of Workplace Investigations. She is a member of the Association of Workplace Investigations/Canadian Association of Workplace Investigations (AWI/CAWI), Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) Manitoba, and the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).

She has previously published Shannadoah, which focuses on explaining Joubert syndrome and assisting readers in understanding this syndrome. Workplace Bullying is the first book in a series focusing on leadership and workplace bullying/harassment.

Boulet lives on a picturesque farm in a valley near Dunrea, Manitoba, Canada. There, she, her husband Louis, and their daughter Shanna enjoy the peace and tranquility of farm life. They have two house cats (Izzy and Dizzy), as well as two shop cats (Luke and Silver).


Shelley Boulet
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