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The Boy Who Grew Big and Strong, Healthy and Smart cover

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Target Audience:
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picky eaters, healthy habits, nutrition, food, family, wellness, appetite

The Boy Who Grew Big and Strong, Healthy and Smart
by Floravez Graciela Grageda

This is a story of a young couple who frequently endures a situation where their little boy often throw tantrums during meal times while their 2 younger children are quite healthy eaters. A dilemma of quite a few if not many parents raising young difficult eaters.

This book is intended for children from two to 6 years of age. The theme is to show and raise awareness of delicious and healthy type of foods children may like and (what parents may need to prepare for them), also provide the nutrition little ones need.

The fun of Sage’ mischievous little brothers taunting him to eat and Dad & Mom cajoling him to join his brothers to a nutritious meal, the benefit of eating right brings him the reward of being able to play and join the basketball team in school, young readers will grasp and understand that nutritious meal is as important as play.

The fact that Sage is getting smaller and smaller while his younger brothers are getting bigger and bigger is alarming, a discomforting feeling and stimulates the young reader’s mind.

Children like to see themselves big, strong and healthy, enjoy games, sports and surrounded with happy friends. In order for these little ones to enjoy these activities, they need to be aware that eating nutritious, balanced meal is the key.

Finally, Sage realized that enjoying meal times with his family, not only makes his Mom and Dad happy, but he also gains his health, his body size and joy of play with his younger brothers.

I am a grandmother of 3 lovely boys where one little boy is quite difficult to feed. My only son, when he was a little boy was the main one. While his cousins were healthy eaters, I had to prepare whatever food he prefererred just so he actually swallows a spoonful. It took 2-3 hours for him to be fed just so he actually ingests the nutrition he needed, which was not much. My grandson, Sage is no different. Although, unfortunately, these times, parents do not have the time to cajole and feed the child at all as they are as busy as ever. I also have grandnieces who only prefers 2 or 3 food types i.e. pasta by itself, noodles devoid of nutrition, french fries, or spam with rice. How distressing. These observations led me to write this first book.


Floravez Graciela Grageda

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