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The Token Woman
A Guide to Thriving as a Female Leader in Sales
by Cheryl Stookes

The Token Woman is an entertaining how-to filled with practical, helpful

tips on becoming an effective sales leader. If you have ever aspired to be a

kick-ass, successful woman in sales leadership – or a person who supports

them – buy this book and open these covers, fast.

Cheryl Stookes began her career as an inside salesperson and earned her

way to senior leadership positions in the North American technology industry. The lessons she shares are applicable to any sales-oriented career.

Find out how to become (and spot) a Unicorn, avoid becoming a Super Solver,

and how to address The Elephant in the Room. Rise to the top by Hiring

Carefully, Firing Respectfully. And by being The Steady Hand on the Wheel.

Stookes shares fresh, true experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly

tears (see Chapter 7). This could be the most useful, most entertaining

business book you will ever read.

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Cheryl Stookes is an accomplished sales leader who started her career selling technology products and services over the phone. Her experience includes 15-plus years in senior sales and operational leadership positions in Canada and the United States with Amazon Web Services, SHI, Lenovo and Softchoice. She has hired and developed hundreds of salespeople, led a significant multi-year company expansion, directed North American marketing initiatives through comprehensive partner

programs and strategic marketing campaigns, and served as chief of staff for a global technology manufacturer.

Cheryl holds an Honors B.A. in Political Studies from Queen’s University in Kingston,

Ontario and the University of Edinburgh. She lives in Carlisle, Ontario with her husband

and two young sons. Her other loves include watching Toronto Blue Jays’ games, participating

in improvisational comedy and singing karaoke -- poorly.


Cheryl Stookes

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