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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Magic, genie, topsy turvy, girl power, musical story, magical fairy tale

The Topsy Turvy Genie
A magical story with music
by Barbara Katz Mandel, Edith Katz and Carol Lewis


Farrah is held captive by a sinister aunt. The young girl yearns to be free. When she discovers a genie in a colorful bottle, she thinks she has found the answer to her dreams. But the genie's magic comes out topsy turvy! The quick-witted girl's shrewdness and bravery save the day!

Not only does The Topsy Turvy Genie take you on a magical adventure, but the story comes alive with MUSIC! With the tap of a camera app you'll hear the characters singing songs of yearning, danger, and determination.

Barbara Katz Mandel is an artist, art educator, art therapist, and museum educator. Growing up in New Jersey, she was surrounded by the many scripts and songs her mother wrote for local schools and synagogues. As an adult, Barbara pursued a life-long dream, adapting and illustrating her mother's award-winning play, The Topsy Turvy Genie, into a fanciful children's book.


Barbara Katz Mandel
Edith Katz
Carol Lewis

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