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Domestic Abuse, Alcoholic Exes, Domestic violence, Separation, Child custody, Child support, Breakups

No Such Thing as Justice
by Holly A.J. Robinson

No Such Thing as Justice is an epistolary novel about a woman who is up against the system. Through a series of diary entries, we follow Betty Benson’s life story, one that includes her relationships, and all the trouble they deliver to her. In no time, Betty is mom to two little kids, holding down as much work as she can while her son’s father neglects his parental responsibilities. She chases him but he ducks and weaves, exploiting systemic loopholes that condone the derelict’s behaviour and ignore the victim’s plight. Betty needs to secure custody of her child against a man who’s proven himself a risk, but she can’t afford the fight in a judicial infrastructure that equates justice with the ability to pay for it.

Here is a universal story that plays out inside an all-too-familiar arena, where money trumps all. No Such Thing as Justice showcases effort and disappointment, betrayal and despair, and most of all a story of motherly love.

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Holly A. J. Robinson lives with her mother, two kids, two dogs, and a fish. Her book, though its storyline in some way resembles her own life, is a work of fiction. Any character similarity to actual people is coincidental.


Holly A.J. Robinson

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