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Aerospace research, Aerospace technology, Engineering, UTIAS, Canadarm, Decision-making, Memoir

Six Degrees of Freedom
Opportunities met. Risks taken. Lessons learned.
by Peter Carlisle Hughes

Octogenarian aerospace engineer Peter Hughes identified 6 critical points in his life at which an important decision was required, and where the rest of his life could have been quite different, depending on that decision. In every case, he was completely free to make the decision.

In Six Degrees of Freedom, Hughes reflects on a full lifetime, including several work environments, his contributions to the aerospace industry (including work on the Canadarm), a passion for applied mathematics, family life, business and entrepreneurship, travel experience, and medical science. In so doing, and through his wry humor, he provides the reader thoughtful insight and useful life and career lessons.

“Hughes is a natural storyteller who writes with honesty and humor. His personal charm

comes through his pen to welcome the reader.”

–Joan DaCosta, Institute for Robotics

"Hughes is a dynamo: scholar, engineer, husband and father, kids’ soccer coach, author, traveler, businessman, and full professor. His contributions are remarkable, yet there is a skillful blend of the personal and the professional."

—Douglas Haig, PhD, Educator (ret.)

"From a small Northern Ontario town to the pinnacle of excellence in his field, Hughes has many lessons to teach—and his skillful writing style makes this useful reading enjoyable. Highly recommended."

—Grant Harrington, Educational Entrepreneur (ret.)

"For four decades, Hughes was among Canada’s most accomplished and well-known spacecraft engineering professors. He contributed enormously to Canada’s space program through his research at the University of Toronto; as a mentor to many of Canada’s next generation; and through Dynacon Inc. He is also the best applied mathematician I know."

—Kieran Carroll, PhD, Space Research Scientist

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Peter Carlisle Hughes has been a professional engineer (PEng) in the Province of Ontario since 1964. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute (CASI) [Chairman, Toronto Branch, 1977–1978], a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), 2008 [all American nominators], and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. In addition, he has received the Casey Baldwin Award, from CASI for the best paper published in the CASI Journal during 1983; the Cockburn Professorship from the UofT Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, 1986–1991; the Alouette Award (CASI) “. . . for outstanding contributions to advancement in Canadian space technology, application, science and engineering,” 2006; and the John Chapman Award from the Canadian Space Agency, 2007 “. . . for tremendous impact on Canadian space technology.”


Peter Carlisle Hughes

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