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Seasonal poetry, Childhood poems, Poetry collection, Poems of love and loss, Non-rhyming poems, Profound poems, Expressions of the Heart

The Four Seasons
Beyond Autumn Leaves on the Other Side of the Moon
by Anthony Di Micco

Life has its seasons, and so too does the heart. In this amazing anthology of poems, the author invites you to experience the four seasons of his heart. Representing youth and vitality, “Spring” contains poems of childhood, in all its purity. “Summer” poems embrace the blooming of love, cooled by gentle breezes and warmed by the sun. As the leaves begin to change colour and fall, the poems of “Autumn” find us contemplative, pondering our lives, our memories, and the passage of time. And finally, the “Winter” comes, and with it … insight, wisdom, loss, and regret—poems from a heart that has weathered life’s full cycle.

Unveiling and touching what is human in all of us, Four Seasons: Beyond Autumn Leaves on the Other Side of the Moon is destined to become a cherished addition to any poetry collection.

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Author Anthony Di Micco was born in 1950, in the small town of Campodipietra in the Molise region of Italy. In 1957, as a small boy, he immigrated with his mother and younger brother to join his father in Canada. For two years, the family lived in Leamington, Ontario, before moving to Montreal, Quebec.

After acquiring a BA in Sociology from Loyola College, and a teaching degree at McGill University, he spent thirty-four years as an elementary school teacher before retiring, and now enjoys travelling and writing poetry.

The Four Seasons: Beyond Autumn Leaves on the Other Side of the Moon is his third published work, following Expressions of the Heart, also an anthology of poems, and Halloween, a children’s book.


Anthony Di Micco
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