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Grief, Short Stories, LGTBQ, Legends, Mythopoeia, Novel in Stories, Dying world

The Origin of the Sky
by Chelsea Herrington

"I have heard there is a place where the sky touches the earth. No, that isn't even it, more than that; it is the very origin of the sky. It is the place where the stars spiral from, and converge again. It is the end of everything and the birthplace as well. That is where I want to go."

It is a wild land where the stars hang close. The woods are deep, everything has a voice and the elements live. A small family travels through verdant lands, passing the old places and the left-over ruins of what came before. As they go, they tell each other stories.

Stories of love and pain, of the people who shaped the world. Of their victories, their strife, and the legacy they left. Most importantly, they tell each other stories of connection: those unbroken bonds tying each together through time, through mortality and even past death. In their stories of love, loss, loneliness and victory, they face an adventure of their own, journeying to find the origin of the sky.

Chelsea Herrington graduated ACAD (now AUArts) with a Bachelor of Design. An artist and a writer, she is interested in colorful worlds and vibrant characters. Herrington has written stories all her life, including several poems published in anthologies. Origin of the Sky is her first completed novel.

Herrington lives in the Peace Region with her mother and sister.


Chelsea Herrington

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