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marital abuse, PTSD novel, marriage and family, story of recovery, chasing dreams, troubled childhood, women’s mental health

Crying on the Inside
by White Wolf Woman

A twelve-year-old girl struggles to understand her mother’s sudden and unexplained disappearance, only to have her heart broken when her mother returns as a cold, indifferent shell of the woman she once was. This begins a journey of grief, depression, abuse, and physical illness for the girl, who tells her life story through the narration of Crying on the Inside.

The young girl grows up to be a woman who is a victim of her own mind, believing she’s a Superwoman who can complete any task to perfection. But she becomes a target for a con artist who marries her only to use her. The psychological and verbal abuse soon become physical, and the Superwoman realizes that she never recognized the warning signs of an abusive partner.

White Wolf Woman wants her readers, particularly women, to be spared the pain of abuse by alerting them to the signs they need to heed to avoid the men who will prey on them. This riveting novel, the first of a trilogy, clearly illustrates how a high-achieving, successful woman can become the victim of the most heinous abuse, yet still rise above it.

I would like to dedicate this book to all women who have suffered intimate partner abuse and hope they will learn from my experience. "A wise person learns from the mistakes and experience of others, a fool has to make their own mistakes to learn." I was a fool because I had no one to learn from, in regards to the abuse I experienced. I also would like to thank all my friends, who gave me the strength and encouragement to write about my past, and publish it, as a form of healing. They provided an ear to listen, and a heart to comfort me. I also wish to thank my parents, for the honesty, and integrity, they taught me, as a child. My father's words, that "people and things are not always what they seem" have be reinforced by my own learning experiences.

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White Wolf Woman has worked as a teaching principal for many years in the Northern reserves of Manitoba. Having lived through abusive relationships, she has devoted a significant amount of time to researching and analyzing her past and the patterns of abuse she experienced. She now desires to reach out to other victims and help them on their journeys of healing.

White Wolf Woman lives on the Winnipeg River in the “cottage country” area of Manitoba. She lives alone with her dog, Zoe, and is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests.


White Wolf Woman

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