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American politics fiction, Trump presidency, 2020 election, social revolution, American society commentary, 2020 pandemic, political corruption

Doodleman and the Tail of Two Kingdoms
by E.S. Brocheski

Two fictional worlds exist side-by-side. One is home to a united population that follows science, inclusion, and common sense. The other is led by a want-to-be king who styles himself as the Emperor and is only interested in his own concerns.

Narrated from a future perspective through memoirs and other media, Doodleman and the Tail of Two Kingdoms juxtaposes how the history of these two lands unfolded. What kind of disasters might arise from policies that encourage hate and discrimination? Watch the fallout unfold as people are pitted one against the other and pushed to the brink of rebellion.

Doodleman and the Tail of Two Kingdoms will challenge readers to carefully consider the state of their own nation and governing authorities.

E. S. Brocheski is passionate about politics and writing. In her first book, she combines these two loves to create an imaginative commentary on the state of current democracies in North America. A single mother of three adult children, Brocheski lives in Ottawa, Ontario.


E.S. Brocheski

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