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Brother Cluckers
by Dr. Jordan van der Zalm

The Brother Cluckers aren’t just brothers—they’re also the best of friends!

They love to play outdoor games on the farm together, but Mama Clucker makes sure they know that schoolwork and chores must get done first! And then, after a day of work, play, and cooperation, the Brother Cluckers snuggle down into their cozy beds, dreaming of all the fun they had together.

Children learn the value of a healthy balance between hard work and active play as they follow along with the Brother Cluckers in their boisterous, brainy, and bouncy daily routines.

Dr. Jordan van der Zalm grew up having fun with his very own Brother Clucker, and the good values, morals, and work ethic that their Father and Mother Clucker instilled in them.

He lives in Dunnville, Ontario, with his wife and son.


Dr. Jordan van der Zalm

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