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Psychotic episode, Enduring love, Childhood abuse, True love, Buried memories, Reunited love, Second chances

The Loss of You
by Kathleen A. Rogers

Jason and Jennifer O’Connor had the perfect life: successful careers, and an all-emcompassing love. But life can be changed by a single event, a memory buried within you, struggling to be heard.

One night, such a memory triggers within Jay a blind rage which causes him to injure his wife. While searching his past for answers to the storm within him, he comes to realize that loving Jen means keeping her safe.

Jay struggles to fight alone through the shadows of his dreams as they pull him further away from reality. When at last confronted with the memory, he must find a way to live with its horror.

The Loss of You is their story of surviving the loss of each other, the love that made them whole. They face the ultimate question: Can their love survive the passing of years?

Kathleen Rogers lives in Massachusetts. The Loss of You is her first novel and a departure from the children stories she has written for her grandchildren. Her second novel, A Sound in the Night, is nearly completed.

She can be reached by email at:


Kathleen A. Rogers

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