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Kidnapping thriller, Crime novel, Pedophilia ring, Human trafficking, Family drama, Military fiction, Violent themes

The Boy Who Didn't Cry
by Richie Rich

Two boys are kidnapped from the same renowned family. A search spanning four years for the first boy is fruitless; the second boy is then taken. A rescue mission with world-wide implications ensues.

When Jennifer’s child is kidnapped, she faces the consequences alone. After the event, her wealthy arms-dealer father secretly establishes and funds a Kidnap And Rescue Team (KART) for their local area in England. When the second family child along with a group of his friends is taken, the search for the missing children exposes an international child trafficking ring.

Were the two separate kidnappings against the family a result of arms deals gone bad?

And if the two kidnappings are connected—what happened to Jennifer’s child who vanished four years ago?

The rescue becomes an international drama for KART when the missing children from the second kidnap are tracked to a high-end sex hotel in Cambodia. Will Jennifer's and her family’s far-reaching connections be enough to recover the children in the hotel?

Richie Rich is a passionate defender of the rights of children and women, and with The Boy Who Didn’t Cry, he hopes to highlight the magnitude of child kidnapping along with the abuse they suffer at the hands of their captors. While posted to a remote former USSR country, Rich faced a life devoid of social options. Instead of succumbing to misery, he sat down at his computer and began to write. This is the result.

Rich is a true global citizen. He has lived, worked and vacationed in 38 countries. His writing is inspired by the many cultures he has immersed himself in.


Richie Rich
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Jessica Corbet

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