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True Love, Fated Romance, Mystery Man, Romantic Rendezvous, Erotic Nights, Secret Rooms, Ethereal Love

Blue Night
by Dawna Flath

Calypso, the ethereal energy of love, comes to the aid of the hearts that call out to her. She comes from a fantasy realm, and brings hope and love to those who look for it.

In Blue Night, Calypso has come to help Ella find her true love—and herself. A lonely and angry photographer, Ella struggles to find the woman she once was, buried under the pain of losing her parents. Realizing she has been full of anger in all her relationships, she leaves her boyfriend and moves back home, determined to find the woman she used to be. Instead she finds Vaughn, a handsome neighbour, and Beau, an old flame from her childhood. Both men stir her passion: one a kind and thoughtful friend, the other a burning and passionate lover.

Mistakes and misunderstandings cause challenges as Ella navigates her desires, pain, and the belief that her true love is waiting for her. But she won’t be ready for love until she can heal the pain in her heart, and find her way back to the kind person she used to be.

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Dawna Flath loves to write, and is especially drawn to romance and erotica. It’s easy for her to imagine the love, romance, and passion that people share—and she explores it through her books. A Clear Blue Mind is a healing memoir drawn from her own experiences, while Calypso – The Hideaway is the first book in the Calypso trilogy.

Flath lives in beautiful rural Saskatchewan with her husband, son, and their sweet dog Abby.


Dawna Flath

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