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Prison fiction, Accused of murder, Film editing career, Detective fiction, Wrongful conviction, Solitary confinement, Locked-in syndrome

Well, I'll Be Damned!
by Rick Tuber

Film editor Rick Potter is serving thirty years for a murder he didn’t commit . . . but all things considered, life behind bars isn’t so bad. In fact, he’s flourishing in his new environment, regaling his colorful group of fellow inmates with tales from working in Hollywood during the Golden Age of television.

While Rick gets roped into compiling a bar mitzvah video for the warden (and starts falling for the warden’s pretty assistant), the real killer is still out there . . . and ready to kill again to cover up his crimes. It will take the combined efforts of a pair of oddball detectives, a recently comatose octogenarian ex-cop, a savvy nurse, and a rehab aide to piece together the clues to unmask the true culprit and get the film editor released from prison.

Fast-paced and funny, Well, I’ll Be Damned is the conclusion to the Rick Potter trilogy, following Should Have Seen It Coming and Just My F***ing Luck.

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Rick Tuber is the author of four books, including the first two installments of the Rick Potter trilogy, Should Have Seen It Coming and Just My F***ing Luck, as well as the non-fiction book Shanghai Cuts – A Hollywood Film Editor's Misadventures in China. His writing, both fiction and non-fiction, draws on his forty years of film editing experience. He’s won a Primetime Emmy award and an American Cinema Editors award for best editing for a drama, and now works with non-violent offenders, teaching them the film business. He lives in Granada Hills, California, with his wife, two adult children, and a dog named Kadie.


Rick Tuber

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