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Look At The Birds!
by Xiaofang Peng

Look at the Birds! is a sweet story about a robin family—a Robin Mommy, a Robin Daddy and a whole revolving nest of robin children. It tracks the family’s evolution, from building the nest and hatching the eggs, to feeding the baby birds, singing to them and watching over their growth until, at last, they are ready to leave home. Throughout, Robin Daddy and Robin Mommy show their love for their babies, especially the loving Birdie Daddy.

Accompanied by the author’s real-life photos of robins in her yard, Look at the Birds! takes flight with its lovely story—about a bird’s life cycle, yes, but also about sacrifice and care, family, and the enduring power of love.

Xiaofang Peng loves birds and has tracked robins’s lives around her yard for years. Here, she delights in sharing her pleasure with others—especially children, who love these flying marvels as she does.

She lives in Ontario, Canada.


Xiaofang Peng

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