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  • Ralphy's Trip To The West


    A small roadblock pops up at the Bartsch’s Ontario hobby farm, just as they’re about to set off on a cross-Canada road trip. From the warmth of its incubator, a newly hatched gosling emerges, ready to take on the world. Undeterred by the fuzzy ...

  • I Love My Pup, Leo


    Are you and your young children planning to add a puppy to your family? Puppies can be a lot of work, but they can also be funny, sweet, and cuddly companions! I Love My Pup, Leo will prepare the whole family to welcome your new puppy and keep him ...

  • Pawsitively Dax

    A Service Dog's Adventures by

    This book is based on the real life adventures of Dax who is an amazing 138 lbs. American Golden Retriever. Dax takes up his own row of seats on his airplane trips, car rides, and truck cabs. During his travels, he also enjoys an occasional ...

  • Bonga Bonga & Grandpa

    Lucky the Hamster by

    When Grandpa’s neighbour goes on holidays and asks him to take care of her pet hamster, Lucky, Bonga Bonga is beyond excited when Grandpa asks for her help. Drawing on his childhood experiences with guinea pigs and rabbits, and the neighbour’s ...

  • Clyde and Phoebe’s Animal Shelter ABCs


    Animal shelters are all about fostering, volunteering, surrendering and caring for sweet animals like Phoebe and Clyde. We hope you learned a little bit more about them today and might consider supporting local animal shelters in the future!

  • Les aventures de Coralie la coccinelle

    Le voyage dans l'espace by

    Trois… Deux… Un… Décollage ! On part en espace ! Coralie est une petite coccinelle avec une grande imagination. Surtout, elle adore partir à l’aventure ! Pour son premier grand voyage, Coralie nous invite à visiter le système solaire. Elle nous ...

  • The Pet Promise


    Are you ready to own a pet? Will you make sure your new friend is always well cared for and loved? The Pet Promise guides the pet owner-to-be through a series of promises, outlining the responsibilities and commitment that go along with owning a pet ...

  • When We All Get Together


    From a mischief of mice to a loveliness of ladybugs, groups of creatures have beautiful, descriptive names. Join the Canadian wildlife in the maple tree forest. They’re all gathering together one by one—until unwanted pests arrive! When We All Get ...

  • Life Values for You!

    Valores de Vida para Ti! by

    Parents and caregivers have special hopes and dreams for their children and want them to live their best lives. Life Values for You explores how cultures across the globe have chosen animals as their guides and inspiration and associate them with ...

  • Look At The Birds!


    Look at the Birds! is a sweet story about a robin family—a Robin Mommy, a Robin Daddy and a whole revolving nest of robin children. It tracks the family’s evolution, from building the nest and hatching the eggs, to feeding the baby birds, singing to ...