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  • The Monarch Butterfly and The Cecropia Moth

    Miraculous Stages and Changes by

    Two books in one! After five years of observation, documentation, and photography, it was a privilege to preserve these fleeting moments in time. With over ninety close-up and beautifully detailed photographic images, you will learn about the ...

  • Bonga Bonga & Grandpa

    A Fish Story by

    Through the Years with Bonga Bonga is a series of true and educational children’s stories covering a wide range of topics. Inspired by the love of a grandfather for his first grandchild, affectionately known as Bonga Bonga, these delightful tales ...

  • Learn About Sharks

    The Great White Shark by

    The Great White shark is the largest predatory fish in the sea. It can be found in all the major oceans around the world and is listed as “vulnerable” on the endangered species list. This means they need our help! To help save the sharks, we must ...