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Poems about race, Poems of injustice, American poetry, Poems of a Black Man, Social issues poetry, Poems of life, Tamaz Young

Unrequited Expressions
by Tamaz Young

Unrequited Expressions is a collection of poetry that deals with a wide variety of social and personal issues, from race, mental health, love, loss, family, and so on. The main idea showcases what it is like to be black in America. Young deals with the daily struggles and joys of his life using therapeutic words which demonstrate the vulnerability of his lines. The poems present themselves as a mirror to reflect the personality and spirit of the author so much so that one should feel a deep connection to him by its end despite differences in livelihood. The approach to everyday circumstances is very thoughtful with optimism and hope, even in the face of such hatred and hardship. This collection reinforces the power of having an open mind while also shedding a light on controversial issues in American society, emotional relationships, and the importance of self.

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Tamaz Young is a music enthusiast, scholar athlete, and young poet who has been writing since he was fifteen years old. He decided to publish his first book during senior year at Memphis University School. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee by a single mother with the help of a loving family. He has a brother and four paternal siblings–two brothers and two sisters. He serves as the poetry editor for The MUSe, an annual literary magazine and student-led publication. During his publishing journey, he taught a class on creative writing and journalism to middle school students at Neighborhood Christian Center. He aspires to be a community leader, public speaker, psychologist, music producer, and mentor to young men who grew up in single parent homes.


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