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mindfulness, living with horses, bonding with horses, equestrian exercises, inner balance, equestrian therapy, horse-human interaction

Sharing the Present
Mindfulness for Equestrians and Horse Lovers
by Shreyasi Brodhecker and Frank Brodhecker

Horses—majestic and powerful beings that hold spiritual and emotional appeal—are a life passion for equestrians around the world. Whether you are an experienced or beginner equestrian, Sharing the Present helps horse lovers relate to their horses in a completely transformative yet simple way.

The Brodheckers explore the popular practice of mindfulness and its tangible impact to deepen the horse-human bond. Through simple exercises often used in mindfulness therapies, you can acquire skills that help you to notice what your horse is experiencing, to more accurately read the messages that are being conveyed, and to respond in an intentional manner.

The twelve mindfulness exercises included in the book will help equestrians and horse lovers strengthen relationships with their horses. For those experts who practice equine-assisted learning and therapy, these mindfulness exercises can also be incorporated into sessions with your clients.

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Lara Matiisen & Other Photographers

Foreword by Sue McIntosh, MA, CCC

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Shreyasi and Frank Brodhecker both work in the mental health field, and have experience with psychotherapy and mindfulness practices. They also feel privileged to live with and love horses, and they are continually learning how to be better horse people.

Through writing this book, Shreyasi and Frank learned even more ways to connect on a deeper level with their horses, and they hope that you will use the practical exercises included to create transformative positive shifts in your bonds with the horses in your life.

Shreyasi and Frank live on an acreage in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and they operate an equine facilitated wellness program named Mindful Mare Wellness, a division of Spirit Farm Gypsy Cobs Inc. They live with various critters, including a dog, house cats, and a herd of fourteen horses (including a number of traditional gypsy cobs from the UK), alpacas, donkeys, and a number of very friendly barn cats.


Shreyasi Brodhecker
Frank Brodhecker
Nicole Toren

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