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Canadian prairies, Genealogy, Homesteading, Farm life, Rural Canada, Family history, World War 2

My Oatway Harrison Story
by Derek Oatway

The Canadian prairies at the turn of the twentieth century was a land of opportunity, but struggle and trial waited around every corner. The Oatway and Harrison families were pioneers in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. My Oatway Harrison Story tells the history of how these two families came together through marriage.

Homesteaders broke land, picked rock, and lived in sod shacks. Later, they experienced the challenges of war, depression, and unemployment. Within these pages are stories of war heroes who didn’t return, accidents, reunions … and even jail time. There is also celebration of life and love, initiative and creativity—such as unique curling rock trophies!

Packed with family memorabilia, personal stories, and regional history, My Oatway Harrison Story is a treasure for anyone interested in the history of family and the history of the Canadian prairies.

When his parents died ten years ago, Derek Oatway wanted to safeguard the memoirs, letters, photos, and documents they left behind. The desire to preserve family history for future generations blossomed into a journey of discovery that involved conversations with family, plenty of research, and a passion to keep on writing his family’s story. Growing up on the farm, working alongside his dad, Derek learned the value of hard work and the importance of family. Writing this book taught him dreams can become reality. The author lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with his wife, Marion.


Derek Oatway

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