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Romance, Marital discord, Ghosts, Paranormal activity, Enduring hardship, Angels, Rising above adversity

Making Amends
by D. J. Callaghan

When her marriage is on the brink of failure, Jenna the unbreakable starts to crack. And when she does, all heaven breaks loose. Jenna is one of those unstoppable people who walks through life without breaking stride even when the whole world is falling down around her. Her life has been filled with trauma, but she’s always risen above it. Until the day she no longer can.

Her Brother Mac thought suicide would be the end of his pain. In the afterlife he finds not only is this not the case, but he now has to fix the traumas his actions have caused. But he’s not alone. Accompanied by Jenna’s guardian angel Mac saves his sister and embarks on a journey of discovery. With this celestial support team, Jenna is able get back on track and help her brother in his mission.

Making Amends follows Jenna as, in her newly fortified state, she joins forces with her spiritual cohorts and the trio dedicate themselves to helping others caught in the cross hairs of mental illness.

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D. J. Callaghan is well equipped to write a book that tackles the difficult subjects of mental illness and loss. She has fought her own battles with these monsters and has lost numerous people to trauma. She wrote this book at the lowest point of her life, when she needed a story with a happy ending.

D. J. Callaghan lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband and two fluffy standard poodles named Artimus and Black Jack Sparrow.


D. J. Callaghan

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