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James deBrueys, Memoir, Teaching abroad/World Teach, Marshall Islands, Faith, Moustaches & beards, Volunteerism

Jambos With James
A Mother’s View of Loss — Blessed to Broken to Blessed Memoirs of a Young Adult Son through the Eyes of His Mom
by Mary T Heffron deBrueys and James Clifton deBrueys

While on a weekend vacation to see their beloved LSU Tigers play, Jim and Mary T deBrueys get a call that would stop any parent’s heart. “We’re calling to let you know that a boat transporting your son, James, and others has gone missing.” From that surreal moment and on through the next ten years, Mary T, Jim, and their family and friends have nothing but love, grace, family, and faith to see them through.

In this unusual memoir, Mary T's recollections and correspondence from friends paint a colorful picture of James, a hilarious, sweet-natured twenty-two-year-old determined to do good in the world. He is on a volunteer mission to teach impoverished children in the Marshall Islands when his boat goes missing. But readers will get to know James personally from the letters he writes home; witty, loving, observant, and kind, they paint a portrait of an exceptional young man on the cusp of adulthood, with plans to make a difference.

A story of unimaginable loss and the path to finding grace, Jambos with James will speak eloquently to others who have lost children and to young people who have lost friends and/or siblings, showing the hope and even joy that comes from living through and accepting such a tragedy.

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Mary T Heffron deBrueys is from Victoria, Texas and now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a language-learning specialist by profession and the co-author of LinguiSystems - 125 Ways to Be a Better Student. Mary T also facilitates a grief group and presents to audiences on the loss of a child and belief in the Communion of Saints that helps her to cope with grief.

Mary T lives with Jim, her husband of forty-three years. She and Jim raised five children together and have six grandchildren.


Mary T Heffron deBrueys
James Clifton deBrueys

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