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The Gayety & Other Stories
by Thomas McCavour

The Gayety & Other Stories is a fourth collection of short stories by Thomas McCavour. The Gayety is a story about two singers modelled after the lives of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. Robo is a story about artificial intelligence and robots. Milly and Sandy is about a mother daughter relationship. Bones Among the Dunes is a story about hostage taking. Dudley George is a true story about a dispute over indigenous land. Love Triangle Lost is about infidelity and its reward. Eight Ball is a lesbian love story. The 6th Sense is a story about a clairvoyant boy who phorsaw the destruction of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the end of World War II. The Star is a story about a tree ornament that relates what it has seen. G-Men & G-Strings is a murder story. Yes I Remember It Well is about an Alzheimer victim who becomes an inspirational speaker. A Twin's Tale is a story about a mother that seduces her twin daughter's boyfriend. I Learned to Walk is another inspirational story about a paraplegic learning to walk. Stranded is a story about a female astronaut who is temporarily stranded on the moon. Billy Bee tells about the lives of two bees. The Trinity Carving is about a retired dentist who becomes wood carver. The Impossible Dream is a story about a handicapped boy who becomes a famous percussionist. The Mole is a story about an Auschwitz Nazi who is discovered, charged and sentenced to death. Klepto is a story about a kleptomaniac and finally Pulling Petals is a story about a mortician that falls in love with a florist.

Thomas McCavour is a retired Canadian professional engineer a novelist, a poet and a play writer with a background in engineering, construction and gardening. McCavour has written dozens of short stories, a few plays and thirteen novels. His first published work was a poem titled A Friend about the death of a classmate. He is also well known for his informative lectures on both engineering and gardening subjects. Recent motivational lectures include So You Want to Write About Your Memoirs, Therapeutic Gardening for Zoomers and What To Do With Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket. McCavour currently operates from a retirement home in Collingwood, Ontario.


Thomas McCavour

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