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My Banana Tree
by Robin Burnett-Klyzub

As fast as her little legs would carry her, she ran outside to the back yard.

Awaiting her arrival, was a magical sight!

"IT IS a magical day!" she joyously exclaimed!

Before her, stood a little tree growing out of the soil where she and her mother planted the banana skin. The little tree was almost as tall as Robin was!

One day while having lunch, Robin had a wonderful idea. She decided to plant a banana tree with her banana skin from the banana she had for lunch. With a little help from her mother (and the sleep fairies!), much to her surprise, she had a very magical day. She had a day so magical that her family would talk about it for decades after!

Based on a true story from 1972, this cherished memory from childhood has been told many times. Each retelling proves the impact that each magical day has on a family and how one act of love can affect generations. The innocence of a child’s imagination has magical effects on a family, but it is only as children mature that they begin to realize the depths of love possible as parents.

The acts of love that a parent does for their child is stronger than the biggest tree and is forever rooted in our memories.

About the Author:

Robin Burnett-Klyzub wrote this book for her mother, Dorien Burnett, as a special gift to celebrate her 90th birthday. Robin grew up on the family farm, Willowdale Lodge, near Pierson, Manitoba and lives in Brandon, Manitoba with her husband, Johnny.

About the Illustrator(s):

Todd and Sophia (11 year old daughter) Dunn, both enjoy the mixed media art world and reside in White Rock, BC. Todd is delighted to use his artistic talents to help create this book, which is dedicated to his grandmother, Dorien Burnett.


Robin Burnett-Klyzub
Todd Dunn
Sophia Dunn

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