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Macsen Lee, God, Heaven, Afterlife, Magic, Grief, Loss of a child

Macsen's Magical Story
by Janet Corsaro

My name is Macsen Lee, and this is my story.

After one year on Earth, God brought me home to a magical place called heaven, and he granted me the gift of being everywhere! My family misses me, but I am with them every day. I am in the flowers in the garden and the soft breeze that dances around them as they walk outside. I am in lucky pennies and fishing boats. I am everywhere! And thanks to Jma, my grandma, my whole family knows it!

I visited Jma one morning to tell her my story. I asked her to share it with you so that you will know the comfort of God’s magic. Life may change, but the ones you love never leave you—you just have to look for them and believe.

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Debut author Janet Lee Corsaro was inspired to pen Macsen’s Magical Story after being visited by her grandson’s spirit. He shared his story with her and asked her to write it down. Janet shares it now to carry out Macsen’s wishes: to reassure his family that he is with them always, in all things and to help bring comfort to others struggling with loss.

Janet has written poetry for years, winning local area contest. Recently retired, Janet and her husband, Bob, moved from Tracy, California to Knoxville, Tennessee to be near their fi rst grandchild, Macsen Lee. However, Macsen passed away at one year old, and this tragic loss still echoes through his family.

Janet and her husband have two sons, Matthew and Steven, each with families of their own. Until they all reunite in Tennessee, Janet enjoys gardening, cooking, and baking. She wakes each day grateful to God for the time she shared with Mascen Lee, and she continues to see Macsen in all things. Janet prays this book helps others to recognize God’s magic and fi nd their loved ones in their surroundings.


Janet Corsaro
Michael Angelo Corsaro, Jr.

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