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  • Our Guardian Angels


    Sometimes people we love very much have to leave us, and it can be difficult to understand why they’ve left and where they’ve gone. Do you want to know a secret? Just look up. In the sky, above the clouds and stretch of blue, are all the loved ones ...

  • Out of the Storm

    A Therapeutic Activity Book for Kids who have Lost a Sibling by

    Out of the Storm is a therapeutic, hands-on activity book that helps children navigate the turmoil of the loss of a sibling. Siblings experience grief very deeply, and every sibling relationship is unique. When a sibling dies, the remaining sibling ...

  • Macsen's Magical Story


    My name is Macsen Lee, and this is my story. After one year on Earth, God brought me home to a magical place called heaven, and he granted me the gift of being everywhere! My family misses me, but I am with them every day. I am in the flowers in ...