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The Proof Is in the Pudding (Expanded Edition) cover

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synchronicity, near death experience, metaphysics, spirituality, miracles, soul, enlightenment

The Proof Is in the Pudding (Expanded Edition)
Synchronicity: Wisdom & Miracles
by Doug Zeigler

'Synchronicity' is a psychic phenomena that is an acausal connecting principle that Dr. Carl Jung coined the concept synchronicity or a profound meaningful coincidence. He began to recognize the importance of meaningful coincidences in his patients and his life. He found that when you have a synchronicity, you feel a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. You should feel you are on the right track, not alone. And being guided by the universe. Dr. Deepak Chropra said : Synchronicity is harnessing the infinite power of a meaningful coincidences to create Miracles. This book is to help explain this psychic phenomenon and to help you to learn how utilize your Universal Guide or Cosmic Soul. Also it will share true events that cannot be explained by current scientific methods. True stories of mystical experiences that covers many factual events are in this book. You will give you a new world view that maintains your free will and you will have a clear path to fellow. That will give you less stress and more joy and you will be able to live without fear of death or anything else that comes your way.

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Doug Zeigler was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on February 15th 1946. He holds a Bachelor Degree from Athabasca University in General Studies- with a focus on social psychology. He worked in the human services, at all levels of government and non-profit organizations. He was an active volunteer for over 35 years, serving the disadvantage and disabled, His passions are studying history, writing poems, reading, and writing about true mystical events. He likes getting together with his family and his friends for special events; and in his leisure time he enjoys watching movies, sports events, and keeping track on world events. His most important activity is getting together with his family, they help him to stay grounded .


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