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Life Is Better With You In It
A Little Book About Love And Life by Rodney James Dick

Whether its parental, platonic, or passionate, we all experience love at some point in our lives―as well as all the ups and downs that go along with it, from blissful to agonizing. In all of its myriad forms, love has been one of the greatest inspirations for poetry for as long as there have been poets, because its abundance, or lack thereof, profoundly impacts our lives in ways that are otherwise difficult to articulate.

This collection of thoughtful and heartfelt poems speaks with a simple elegance, resonating with sincerity that is hard to deny, giving words to thoughts and feelings we might struggle to find on our own, and perhaps more importantly, offering comfort and assurance that, for better or worse, we are not alone.

“Our thoughts, feelings, wants, needs, and fears are valid and worth sharing. All too often, we hide our thoughts and feelings from others and take on a burden that can sadly be too much for some to bear … I want people to know that they are worthy of love, and that they need to convey their thoughts and feelings when they are struggling, so they do not have to go through those struggles alone.” ~ Rodney James Dick

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Rodney James Dick (better known to his friends and family as “Bugsy”) was born and raised in Altona, Manitoba and currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in a two-bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean (one of the many places he finds inspiration for his writings).


Rodney James Dick

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