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autism, friends with autism, Ferris wheel, amusement park, superheroes, special abilities, inclusion

Another Superhero Day
by Shaniece Vassell

Theo is a superhero—but, of course, only his mom knows that. Theo is also autistic. He is shy, unique, cool, and he doesn’t like to be touched.

One day at the amusement park, he is waiting in line for the Ferris wheel with his mom when he meets Latoya. Latoya is also autistic. She is outgoing, active, and very friendly.

When the conductor of the Ferris wheel is in danger and no one knows what to do, Theo transforms into a superhero, only to find Latoya transforming too! It will take some quick thinking and a lot of courage for our superheroes to save the conductor.

Theo and Latoya prove that autism does not stop them from being friends, leaders, and good examples of overcoming challenges.

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Shaniece Vassell is an Educator Resource Facilitator for Peel (ERFP) and has been working with students with special needs such as autism for the past six years. She’s also the senior coordinator for PLAY (Physical Lifestyle for Autistic Youth), a nonprofit organization that teaches students the fundamental skills of team sports while providing life skills. She has a diploma in social work and a degree in social science.


Shaniece Vassell
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