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Wealth, Boom and bust, Common sense, Strategy, Grace, Eliminate debt, Biblical finance principles

AHA You Are Rich! Claim It!
3 Steps of Claiming and Sustaining God's Wealth
by Joem Balbiran-Weinkauf

This book presents the “COLD HARD TRUTH” as to why millions of people still live in the state of “poverty” and why a few others are enjoying the state of abundance. Which state of living are you basking now? Let us not be one of those people who just say "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" because YOU, yes YOU, can do something about it.

From witnessing the death of her father at the age of 15.

To living in the streets of Manila.

To coming to Canada with $0 money in her pocket.

Together with her other sister, Joem financially assisted her two siblings in their university education (currently one sibling is a Canadian License Medical doctor, the other is a Canadian License Immigration Consultant and the other sibling is a Canadian business owner). She believes in the saying “Charity begins at home”.

To creating and building business that give back to the community and provide employment local and abroad.

And to living her God’s Retirement Plan at the age of 41.

Joem will inspire, motivate and educate you financially by presenting 3 simple ways in achieving God’s richness intended for you.

Also, this book will challenge the common notion of “poorness” and “richness”: Is richness living in an expensive house? Driving an expensive vehicle? Being famous or powerful? Or is richness doing what you are created to be!

You are rich! Claim it!

“I can honestly say that this is a fun book. It is easily relatable, exceedingly charismatic and has integrity. This book inspired me.”

—Armi Lou Fabiaña-Austria, Asst. Branch Manager, Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loan Association Inc (AFPSLAI-Cagayan de Oro Branch)

Author Joem Weinkauf came to Canada from the Philippines with $0 in her pocket hoping to have a great life. After spending several years working 16 hour per day to pay the bills, she had a realization that even if she is living in an abundant country / surrounded with opportunities / earning bigger income but if she will continue with the same financial common sense and practices the same financial strategies, she knew she will remain on the same state, poverty. With that Aha moment, Joem study for years the habits, the financial thought process and the financial strategies of wealthy people, about how they accumulate, sustain and passed on their accumulated wealth as legacy to the next generation. With the acquired new financial common sense and God’s grace she was able to change her financial situation 180 degrees. She now shares to people on how to take control of their own finances and grow wealth.

She also Co-Founded “Bottles with Love”, a non- profit group which supports parents with critically ill children by raising financial funds thru collecting and selling bottles. Bottles with Love also educates people on how over consumption of any resource may lead to environmental deprivation. Joem is also in the process of creating “WISH-Canada” or Women-Immigrant Support Hub-Canada, which empowers, motivates and encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs by helping them avail the necessary Canadian business support. This group advocates programs like the Federal Home Buyers Plan, which allows people to withdraw from their RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) and use this as capitalization to start up a business or additional capital for existing business.

Joem lives on a farm with her husband, daughter and a large array of animals—Romeo the cattle guard dog, Ginger the cat and her nine siblings, a horse named Beauty, bunnies, wild prairie animals, and 50 to 100 cattle (“to play around with,” her husband says).


Joem Balbiran-Weinkauf

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