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Poetry by women, Love and relationships, Grief and loss, Sexual abuse, Loss of a mother, Rhyming poetry, Compassion and empathy

Rhythm of Darkness
by Skye Hearn

Blinded by the darkness, feeling as though life could not get any worse? It can always be worse. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Take the time to imagine; to feel what they have felt when their lives took a terrible turn. Open up your soul to those who have loved and lost. One's who have been broken and put back together, just to be shattered all over again. Embrace the utter sadness, and relate to the experiences of despair. Once you open yourself up to it then let it in, you will explore a whole new world.

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There was a lot of love from my family growing up. Along with that, a lot of scary and heartbreaking things. The loss of my mother at a young age, is what drew me to writing. A lot of the time I felt broken, and lost. Everything from losing people who were close to me, to harassment and abuse. I have overcome it all. I am an outgoing, free-spirited, loving person. The power of my resilience, is like no other.


Skye Hearn

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