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Poetry for kids, Science lessons, Music books, Learn about the moon, Planet Earth, Dance for kids, Family stories

The Children's Moon
by Judy Cook

In a marriage of science and whimsy, The Children's Moon is a delightful learning resource for home or school and is suitable for children from three to eleven years of age.


During the day, when you look up at the blue sky, you will see the sun, sure, but wait. What’s that? The moon too? The moon and the sun don’t often appear together in the sky, but when they do, something special happens. We are inspired. We bask in the glow they create. We dance and play together under the magical light. The Children’s Moon reminds us to cherish those precious moments in life that we enjoy with loved ones, and it celebrates the unique bond between young and old. Readers share a day in the park with two adorable characters, Grandma and Sunny, while learning scientific facts about astronauts and the history of moon and space exploration. What will the future bring? Will our children be space travellers? Will humans inhabit other planets? What is the moon made of? What is microgravity? Will scientists be able to harvest fresh water from comets? Astronauts teach us that there are no borders when Earth is viewed from outer space, and that it is important for people all over the world to stay united on our journey to the future.

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Judy Cook is a veteran dancer, arts educator, and children’s author, whose original songs and stories have been performed in schools, concert halls, and with symphony orchestras across Canada and the United States. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and conducts workshops in schools through programs that integrate visual art, storytelling, writing, music, mime and dance. The Children’s Moon is her second book where art and science dance together. She is also the author of the award-winning book for children, When Dinosaurs go Dancing. Judy plans to spend her golden years singin’ and dancin’.

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Judy Cook
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