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Detective novel, Policework, Washington DC, Police corruption, Drug trade, Drug dealers, Love stories

The Finest Deal
by Miguel Montanez

In Washington, DC, the war against drugs is heating up, and narcotics detective Gabriel Montalvo is tired of cleaning up the mess from the brutal violence. When his colleague, Jimmy Whitehouse, a chemist turned detective, hatches a drastic plan to create a virus that will infect users and wipe out the illegal use of drugs, Montalvo agrees to help. But nothing goes as planned, and soon the two detectives are on the run. Together they must use all the tricks they have learned in the police force to evade the FBI and vicious drug lords so they can survive on the other side of the law.

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Miguel Montanez is originally from New York City and Puerto Rico. He moved to Washington, DC, in 1992, to join the DC Police Department and spent twenty-five years doing undercover narcotics work, criminal investigations, and financial crimes. He retired in 2017 and moved to Clearwater, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Catherine. The Finest Deal is his first book.


Miguel Montanez

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